Your website should be your best marketing tool. Period.

Is yours helping out or costing you clients?

“You had such a firm handshake” 

My husband said that to me about the first interaction he ever had with me. That’s what he remembered! I made a good impression because I took my hand shaking seriously. 

That story still makes me laugh today when he tells it. But y’all… 

There is so much truth in that!

We miss that opportunity for hand shaking and mingling when we bring our businesses online. Your website, the way it looks, the things that make it user friendly, the words you say, THOSE are like your virtual handshake!

Let’s firm that virtual handshake up and make your first impression online an unforgettable one!

Welcome to the Studio

Hey I’m Jennifer. (Insert that famous firm handshake and a southern accent).

I’m here to help you get your message clear, and your website looking amazing, so you can grow the business of your dreams and wow your clients in the process!

I’m the Owner and Lead Designer here at Site Maker Studio. I work well with designers and home professionals because I was trained to be one. I understand the industry and I’m confident we can build you a quality, beautiful, high converting website that shows off your best work and lands you more clients.

In case you wanted to actually get to know me a little better…

▹ I’ve been designing and building for what seems like my entire life in some form or fashion. I used to draw floor plans in elementary school (don’t laugh you were a weird kid too and you know it) and ended up going to architecture school for a degree in Interior Design.

▹ I’m a wife and Mom to 4 kiddos, 3 through international adoption, and one the “normal” way. My life is anything but normal, and I’m trying really hard to make Jesus famous in it all.

▹ I build furniture as a hobby. Like with really big power tools, in my own workshop. My husband Nick buys me power tools for my birthday every year.

If you’re curious my last name is Sanjines. It’s pronounced San-HE-ness, it’s Spanish, and funny to hear people try to say it right, especially here in the south.

The easiest way for you to learn more from me (I love to teach) and make some easy improvements to your website while you’re at it, is to join my Facebook Group. We talk all things websites and how to run a ‘smarter not harder’ business. 

jennifer sanjines is the lead designer and owner at Site Maker Studio a branding and website design studio for interior designers custom builders and architects
↓ that guy that fell for the firm handshake ↓

Success Stories from Past Clients

“Your skills, passion, and love of people truly stand out with how you run your business. You are professional but still help us feel like family. God has truly gifted you in so many ways!”

— Keith & Liz Edwards, Nashville Custom Furniture

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