how to not feel unorganized during a web design project

Why you’re feeling crazy unorganized during your website design project…and how to fix it

Reason number one you’re feeling crazy unorganized during your web design process is because you don’t have a plan to follow! So let’s get a plan in place.

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3 things to have in place before a website design project

3 Things To Have Ready And Invest In Before A Website Design Project

Wondering what goes into a website design project? first before you start the website design process you have to be ready to invest (time or money) into these three things. Branding, Images, and Copywriting. Read the full post to see how you can save or splurge on these!

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design mistakes creatives make when they diy their website

11 Website Design Mistakes Creatives Make When They DIY Their Website All Alone

Are you building your own website? After many website rehab sessions and client intro calls, …

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can your brand designer build your website too

Can your brand designer build your website too?

You might think that my opinion on this is an against-the-grain one. I’d argue that …

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good user experience does not ruin beautiful website design

Proof that Good User Experience doesn’t ruin your Beautiful Website Design

A beautifully designed website will still deter users if they can’t correctly sift through your website and find the information they came for.

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Website Copy: Finding a balance between too little and too much

Let’s talk about what type of copy goes on each page, and how much of it is too much, or too little.

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Why your Website Images are making your load time drag on like a COVID-19 Quarantine

You’ve just finished a shoot, the photographer sends you the final images and you plop them onto your website. Done! Back to work. Except you’re slowing down your website friend. Like slower than the two+ months you just spent in quarantine.

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do i need a degree to be a web designer

Do you need to have a degree in Web Design to build a Website?

The thing is, so many people don’t end up doing what they went to school for. But they become really good at what they ARE doing. Gaining real-world experience is the most valuable learning opportunity there is. Honestly, since I’ve been a web designer haven’t had any potential clients ask to see my degree. A portfolio and personality speak way higher of the results they’ll get over classes, you took years ago.

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what to have before building a website

5 things every Business Owner needs before they set up a Website

I’m going to share the five things I always make sure I get from a client (or have ready for myself if I’m building something personal or a template). Having a process that ensures I have these “big rocks” in place before I start building makes things go so much smoother and gives all the “little rocks” a place to fall into easily.

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How to know what Pages you need on any Website

It’s tempting to just design pages you think they need, but this is one place where you need to act as the expert that you are and help them work through some key questions that will identify exactly what they actually need.

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The Importance of learning basic HTML and CSS for Website Designers

Even if you’re a beginner web designer learning a little bit of HTML and CSS code can be very helpful. Here are my top resources for learning HTML and CSS at a beginner level.

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How to become a website designer in 2020

5 Things to do Before Becoming a Web Designer

Are you looking to get into web design? Perhaps you’re a virtual assistant or freelancer looking to add a lucrative skill to your list of services, or maybe you’re interested in becoming a full-fledged web designer. Whatever the case, these are the top five most important things you should do before you begin offering web design services.

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craft a call to action for your opt in offer

How to Craft a Compelling Call To Action

What is a Call to Action or CTA? A call to action is simply getting …

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Using Your Ideal Client’s Language On Your Services and Work with Me Pages

Using Your Ideal Client’s Language On Your Services and Work with Me Pages

Let’s put your new found language skills to use on your services and work with me pages. Studies show that having a sales/landing page for every product and freebie makes it more likely that someone will make a purchase.

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email inspiration for small businesses

7 Reasons You Should Be Signing Up For Other People’s E-Mail Lists

Is it sneaky to sign up for other people’s email lists? No! You should totally sign up for other people’s lists, even your competitors’ email lists because you can learn so much!

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