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duplicating sections and pages in squarespace for cohesive look and feel

How and Why to Duplicate Pages in Squarespace to Save Time and get a Cohesive Look for your Website

Are you tired of recreating the same pages and layouts for your Squarespace site over and over? Have you tried duplicating the page or section to make a copy of your work? It’s a really quick easy fix to recreate or borrow elements that you’ve worked hard to place on your page. BUT… don’t just do it aimlessly or half …

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Creative people workplace. Close-up view of hands of young designer woman working with color palette at office desk. Attractive model choosing color samples for design project. Interior shot

Fix these 3 things on your Website in the next 10 minutes

Are you unsure about the things you should fix on your website? No website is perfect. Even our own could use some tweaks from time to time. They should be living breathing things, open to small changes, and ready to be flexible as your business grows. The problem is, most business owners get one up, get a few clients, and …

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Creative Stoneworks | Squarespace Website Launch

The story behind the site: What makes your business unique? What do your clients love about your work? Our business focuses on excellent quality and scheduling reliability.  Our customers appreciate the extras we put into their experience – with friendly and helpful staff who patiently walk them through the options and the process.  They appreciate the little baggies of chocolate …

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5 Reasons You should have been Building Your own furniture all this time

So you’ve got a few tools in your garage? Your dad has some down in his basement that he barely uses? You need to get down there now and borrow those things. Or if they really don’t use them ask if you can have them or buy them! You are missing out on so many benefits of building your own …

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10 Ways SketchUp can Improve your Building and Save you Money in the Process

SketchUp is my go-to program for anything that I could ever dream to build. For my building project’s it’s the one thing I really couldn’t live without. Yes, the tools are clearly important too, but if I go into the workshop without a plan, I’m wasting time, energy, and money. Most people are quick to assume that this program is …

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Inspired Moment Studio | Squarespace Website Launch

“As a new mom I found myself yearning for the time to just be creative and have fun. That’s what my business is all about.”- Mandy Rdzok, Client How many of us can relate to that? Even if you’re not a mom and just in a new season of life, new job, newly married, new town. Change can be hard …

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Cupcakes and Sweets | Squarespace Website Launch

“The business at first was more of a creative outlet but has recently turned into something more. The purpose is to maintain a small business that is profitable, but something that I still enjoy.” Alisha Arnold, Client I think that’s a huge way that businesses get started these days, creative outlet turned more. The story behind the site: So Alisha, who …

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