Circular Saw vs Miter Saw : Which one is right for a beginner?

You’ve seen so many plans online for building a cute end table that would match perfectly with your new couch. You’ve looked them over and you finally have the courage to give it a try. You look at the list of required tools and the first one it lists is a Miter saw. You don’t have a miter saw. You borrow a circular saw from your friend to make this first project but after making it you know; you know you have to buy one for yourself. You enjoyed the first build so much that you know the investment will be worth it.

So which one do you start with?

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How to make a State Shaped Key Holder with Step by Step list of instructions

If you're looking for an easy gift for that Tennessee fan in your life this project is for you! You could do this same project for another state if you want, the process would be the exact same (but not as fun if you don't pick Tennessee). But, if you're not a Tennessee fan, no worries, just check out the process. There's simple to follow instructions included in the post. 

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The First Tools I Ever Bought and the Story behind them

My long list of favorite tools began one summer toward the end of college. I was a year away from getting my Interior Design Degree and needed to do an internship that would blend the years of Architecture and Design courses I'd completed with some real life experience. There were not too many firms hiring for money, or even for free the summer that I needed the internship.

I approached the Dean of my Architecture College and submitted a proposal that I go and actually BUILD something and HELP people instead of just sitting in some tiny office in a big city all summer. 

It got approved and I packed up and took a trip with 3 other girls to New Orleans, Louisiana. This was a year or so after Hurricane Katrina hit the city.

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