Cupcakes and Sweets Website Launch

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“The business at first was more of a creative outlet but has recently turned into something more. The purpose is to maintain a small business that is profitable, but something that I still enjoy.” Alisha Arnold, Client

I think that’s a huge way that businesses get started these days, creative outlet turned more.

The story behind the site:

So Alisha, who are you, what do you do, what do you make, what’s your business?

“I am a mom of three and I work full time. Years ago my son asked for tie-dye cupcakes for his birthday. From that point, I started making cupcakes for other events and occasions. Friends and family started to purchase my cupcakes. Then it turned into a referral business. It by no means is anything full-time, but I do it because it brings me and others joy.”

Why do you want/need a website for your business?

“I want to have a place to display my cupcakes. I do not have a storefront. I would like a place where they can see what I am capable of.”

What is one of the biggest struggles in your business?

“I have just really begun to put a focus on the business part of things. I want and need to maintain a professional appearance for my business.”

What is something that makes you different than others who do what you do?

“Who doesn’t like something that looks yummy and tastes yummy? My service is custom to each individual. I like to get to know a person a little bit before I make something for them. My cupcakes create an avenue to provide people a great tasting dessert at an affordable price and with convenience.”

Target Audience: 

Anyone that loves cake and sweet foods.

{Typically with website design clients I’d challenge them to go a little deeper with this audience part but we talked and truly anyone wanting sweets for a party or event would be a customer for her. She has a special bright flare to her brand as well. }

Site Goals:

Primary: Let people see examples of work

Secondary:  inquire/begin the order process

Alisha’s brand and website were so fun to work on. She really has a desire to get to know her customers and what they’re needing for their special day. Rather it’s a party, an event or just a fun day for a cupcake, she’s got you covered! I’m just so excited for her website launch!

Branding Board for Cupcakes and Sweets

 branding board mood board design for inspired moment studio by njs design company custom squarespace website designs for small handmade businesses

I appreciated how organized the process was. You were great to work with and super easy to talk to. It was a great experience.

— Alisha Arnold

Design Included:

  • Refresh Logo
  • Color Pallette
  • Image Sourcing
  • Custom Squarespace Website Design
  • Custom order forms setup

Are you ready for a website that lets your work stand out from the crowd?

Let’s get to work!