Inspired Moment Studio Website Launch

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“As a new mom I found myself yearning for the time to just be creative and have fun. That’s what my business is all about.”- Mandy Rdzok, Client

How many of us can relate to that? Even if you’re not a mom and just in a new season of life, new job, newly married, new town. Change can be hard sometimes and I love that Mandy was able to take on her new found role of mommy yet not lose herself and her creativity.

The story behind the site:

So Mandy, what do you do, what do you make, what’s your business?

“I create custom invitations, save the dates and thank you cards for fun parties and all occasions. I LOVE working with and interacting with people.”

Why do you want/need a website for your business?

“As a new mom I found myself yearning for the time to just be creative and have fun. That’s what my business is all about.”

What is one of the biggest struggles in your business?

“With such a saturated market and so many other AMAZING invitation designers, I feel like my story really sets me apart but I struggle to get that across.”

What is something you’re looking for customers to see on your site?

“I would love a place where I can have my customers really learn about why I do what I do. I want to create a sort of behind the scenes blog on my website that will also be able to showcase my work. I feel pretty limited on Etsy and Facebook and don’t feel they are really a reflection of me. I truly love creating and I want my customers to be able to see that.”

Target Audience:

Moms hosting a birthday party, Women hosting a bridal shower, Friends hosting baby showers

Site Goals:

Primary: Custom invitations Inquire and Order

Secondary:  Sell Pre-made Invitations

Tertiary Objective: Connect with other women and moms through the blog, get them invested in my small business

Mandy was so much fun to work with. She really does have a sweet story of how her baby boy was born, and how God has allowed her to be mommy and designer alongside her day job of being a nurse. Her husband is super supportive of her small business and I’m just so excited for her website launch!

Branding Board for Inspired Moment Studio

 branding board mood board design for inspired moment studio by njs design company custom squarespace website designs for small handmade businesses

“I absolutely love everything about the site! Thank you so much for being such a blessing. I hope when this is all done that we still keep in contact. I’m going to miss working with you!”

— Mandy Rdzok

Design Included:

  • Refresh Logo
  • Color Pallette
  • Image Sourcing
  • Custom Squarespace Website Design
  • Squarespace E-Commerce Store Setup

Are you ready for a website that lets your work stand out from the crowd?

Let’s get to work!