Cupcakes and Sweets

Cupcakes and Sweets


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Alisha’s brand and website were so yummy to work on! Fun colors, bright bold accents, the whole thing just screams “party over here”!

I asked her, Why do you want to serve your customers?

“I serve my customers because they want a product that is not ordinary. Cupcakes can be purchased anywhere, but when your focus is on quality, flavor and presentation there is something more to it than just a cupcake. Most of my clients are willing to allow me create a product for them without much input. There is trust that is built and that is why I serve them.”

She’s been hard at work making some beautiful tasty cupcakes during, and since the launch of her site. If you’re local to the Colorado Springs area check her out!

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You were great to work with and super easy to talk to! I felt like I’ve known you for years. It was a blessing to have met you. Thank you for spending your valuable time creating something special for me!
— Alisha Arnold
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