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Mandy was such a joy to work with. We first talked about this whole Mom life and how it’s shifted our entire lives.

I asked her, What is something you’re looking for customers to see on your site?

“I would love a place where I can have my customers really learn about why I do what I do. I want to create a sort of behind the scenes blog on my website that will also be able to showcase my work. I feel pretty limited on Etsy and Facebook and don't feel they are really a reflection of me. I truly love creating and I want my customers to be able to see that.”

She’s been creating some amazing invitations since the launch of the site and I know she’d love your business if you’re in the market for a custom invitation design.

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You thought about EVERYTHING! You kept my client in mind the whole time and was able to think of things I didn’t.
— Mandy Rdzok
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