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Our Canvas and Clay Template is designed with a hip collaborative studio in mind. This template would be a good fit for an artist’s studio, upcoming event, market with lots of vendors, co-working space, membership space, maker venue and more.

Of course, you can use it for a smaller business as well, even if you’re not at a team level yet, or just wanna stay a solo gig. The foundation is there for growth. Rather that looks like a larger staff one day, or multiple events and classes, space to expand is always good when making an investment in a website.

You’ll love it because:

It’s done for you. We’ll build and make the final tweaks for you so you’ll get a ready-made site looking and functioning exactly like the one you see in the DEMO. No videos to follow along with (like some of our other templates)

Our Favorite Features Unique to Canvas + Clay:

  • Done for you! Seriously,  within a few business days, like actually ready to type in your own words and launch!
  • Fully customizable, change as much or as little as you feel like
  • NO graphics to Edit, not in Canva, not in Photoshop Wahoo!
  • Loads of CSS, pre-entered (CSS is fancy code to make it look unique and function right)
  • Mobile Responsive site with lots of extra coding so it looks its best regardless of what device your clients are browsing on
  • Easy to swap out images (galleries, individual pages, blog posts, etc.)
  • 50-50 color block/image layout making your content and images equally stand out
  • Newsletter signup in the footer of every page
  • Modern, yet Classic fonts that’ll look great for any business/event venture
  • Unique Pricing Table Design
  • Dropdown FAQ section
  • Use of icons throughout the site
  • Contact Form with easy integration with MailChimp, Squarespace Campaigns or others through zapier
  • Images are copyright free so you can keep the ones you love!

What you get:

7 professionally designed website pages

  • Homepage
  • About Page
  • Team Page
  • Classes Page
  • Blog Page
  • Gallery Page
  • Contact Page

PDF guide and content prep area with bonus content mapping checklists and docs

Set of Short, easy to follow videos, detailing how to make simple edit’s to the finished site, there’s one for each page, so you’re not going back digging through 3 hours of content to figure out how to change that one silly header image

What you don’t get (sorry):

  • Custom logo, graphics, or branding design work
  • A sidebar for your blog (unless we customize the site for you, we can add one then, of course)
  • No Canva and Photoshop documents because GUESS WHAT, with Canvas & Clay, there AREN’T ANY!! Yay! One less thing to worry about.
  • A headache from staring at your screen all weekend doing it yourself

What you’ll need:

  • A NEW Squarespace account on business plan or higher (that you’ll give us access too), OR if you already use Squarespace, that’s ok too, you’ll just need to be on the business plan or higher and we’ll put up an “under construction” page for a few days, while we build.
  • Your own Images and copy for your site (for you to enter yourself after the build or have us do it for you as an add-on)
  • Your Domain name (no additional hosting is needed, as it’s all managed within Squarespace)

How does it work?

That’s the cool thing, this is the simplest part, deciding which template to get… now that’s hard.

  • You decide on which design you and your business can’t live without.
  • You hit that button that says add to cart. You check out of course.
  • You’ll receive a getting started PDF right after you checkout with details about what to do next. (it basically says you sit back while we build the thing)
  • We’ll get to work building your site, you’ll sip margaritas as you remember how much more money you’ll be making by doing what you’re good at instead of building a website from scratch. #smarternotharder
  • In about a week you’ll be the owner of a beautifully thought out, fully built, Squarespace website that’s ready to stick in your words and swap out a few pics (unless you’ve already had us do that hint hint)

More Details:

Canvas and Clay is set up with a darker, moody undertone in the demo. If that’s not your jam, colors are easy to change, but if you don’t want us to do it for you, you’ll want to watch this quick CSS Video to make sure you know what you’re getting into. If you feel comfortable navigating the CSS like you saw in the video you’ll be golden to make color changes in and around the site.

Ideas for Customization:

Team page could be speakers, multiple employees, teachers, group leaders, etc.

Classes page could be events, shows, markets, or adding a product page in place of the classes page.

Preview Canvas and Clay 

→Or watch the entire video walkthrough



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Templates in Real Life

Look how personalized these websites are! Would you even guess they all used the same template? Templates are a great way to express the uniqueness of your brand without starting from scratch.​

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Questions About Templates

Squarespace is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop web design platform, which is the home for your entire website, hosting, shop, blog, everything! Squarespace has amazing customer service and plenty of help videos and articles for about any scenario.

Squarespace is not only user-friendly, but it also offers amazing features like responsive design for mobile viewing, an easy to use drag-and-drop builder, amazing help support, and a library of written and video tutorials. They’ve been around for years and have tons of integrations with your favorite other apps and platforms. Ease of use for you and converting designs for your business, win win.

You can pay for Squarespace monthly or yearly, depending upon your budget. The plan we recommend is the business plan and it’s about $200/yr. Like a lot of online programs/software, the annual subscription is a better deal. If you’ve been paying separate hosting fees, Squarespace will become your new host, which means you’re not paying that every month to another company.

Following our setup guide and template customization videos are the quickest to get your content into your site. However, we do offer this service as an add-on. Please select this option at checkout if you’d like us to build the demo for you.

Yes and Yes! Each template has the ability to add a shop and blog rather the design itself has a demo for that page or not. Squarespace has amazing resources for getting your shop and blog set up and there’s not an additional fee to use either feature. You can add additional features by using tags, categories, and more to your blog posts and shop items. We love Squarespace because you can easily feature blog posts and products throughout your entire site, by category or other filters. Squarespace has amazing resources for getting your shop functionality set up as well.

After you purchase a template you’ll receive a getting started guide and resource page, unique to your specific template. This guide will help you plan your images and text for the site, as well as videos of how to make edits to the site. For help after the launch of your site, Squarespace has an amazing technical support team and a vault of videos, tutorials, and more.

Our favorite analogy for Squarespace is that it’s kinda like Apple vs Android debate. You’ll have an easy-to-maintain product with a dedicated support and development group. So far in our designing of websites, there has not been a challenge presented that we’ve not been able to solve on Squarespace, even if we used Wordpress for the job. Wordpress and “open source” platforms often compare to Android in that there are limitless options for customization, however, you’re dependent on lots of random Joe’s in their basements keeping their code in check, maintaining plugins, etc. We much prefer the “tight-knit” group behind Squarespace.

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