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Convert Leads into Clients

Discover 3 critical pieces you must implement in your business to turn your current prospects into new clients.

During this free training we're going to walk through

  • Three things in your business that needs constant attention, that you’re probably not putting much thought into right now.
  • What message matching is, and how to make sure it’s happening everywhere you’re being seen (and heard) online, and even in person!
  • Driving traffic to your website and what in the world you do with them when they get there, since they’re likely not ready to hit start on your services right then and there. 
  • Ways to take action on some majorly neglected parts of your business so you can attract new clients and help get them into the spaces they’ve been dreaming of.

before we get started, I wanted to say hey

I'm Jennifer

This training is going to help you turn your potential clients into some of your biggest fans and “mini marketers” as I like to call them. 

With a background in interior design, I get it, I realize you have very specific needs that are unique to your industry.

You need solid client relationships (because be honest, they’re spending a ton of money with you). You need a totally different kind of website, one that’s easy to use and educates your leads. And you need a solid marketing plan to make it all happen. Whew that’s a lot, so let’s get to work on a few pieces of it!

I’m excited to have you join me and promise you’ll come away with some action items you can get started on later the same afternoon. 

See you there!

Ready to dig in?

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