overhaul your website so you can fall in love with it all over again

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Don’t worry I’m sure your website still has great bones. 

You’ve poured hours and tears into it over time, that has to count for something right?!

It does! And we’re ready to work with what you’ve got!

You might not have touched it in 10 years or you may have attempted to DIY the whole thing last month and just got overwhelmed with it all. 

Either way, let’s reimagine your current website, knock out a few walls, keep all the good stuff, and give it that new house smell. 

(you can totally smell the paint fumes can’t you? 🤦‍♀️)

Your Website Needs a Renovation

  • You've tried to learn about SEO but JUST CAN'T MAKE IT WORK
  • You've asked your friends, they say it "looks great"... but then again what do they know?
  • You're constantly messing with all the colors, fonts, and trying to rearrange things but it never feels quite right
  • There's a perfect picture of what you WANT it to be like in your head, you just can't get it to look like that on the screen
  • You've heard your brand needs a Voice but your website never "sounds like you"

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Website Renovation Process​



We’ll evaluate where your site is currently, what needs to change, and what can stay



Taking a deeper look at where things go and how to make your user’s experience unforgettable



Your design will get a major refresh while keeping the bones of your brand and business



We’ll tackle final touchups before teaching you how to operate your site and keep it looking brand new

What You'll Get During Your

Website Renovation

  • Brand Refresh

    We’ll revisit your branding and make any targeted tweaks that are needed. This Could Include: Web Mood board, Tweak Logo Orientation, Web Safe Color selections, Web Fonts & Site Typography Selections

  • Website Strategy

    We'll map out the goals for the website and make sure they line up with our decisions moving forward within the design.

  • Copy Refresh & SEO Checkup

    Your words matter. To your clients and to search engines. Your website should clearly portray what potential clients can expect when they work with you. We'll help you refine your brand's message and checkup on the copy & SEO throughout your entire site. *This package does not include full copywriting. You will need to supply the copy for your website. We just refresh it with you and make it great for your website!

  • Website Design & Development

    This is where we rebuild and optimize for desktop, mobile and tablet viewing. You'll have time to give feedback and request revisions. Then we'll proceed into the actual development work and make sure every page, every image, every word has a purpose. 

  • Training & Support

    With your updated website in hand you'll want to know how to take care of it! You'll receive access to hours of pre-recorded videos on how to use your new website and keep it updated. Post Launch tech support is also available for 2 weeks after launch.

Renovation Success Stories

What's the Investment ?

Renovation Time

5-6 Weeks

Projects average 4-6 weeks from start to finish. Varies for more complex sites.

Price Investment


Broken down into 2 payments. 
50% to get started and 50% before launch.

Quit Patching Holes in Your Website

  • You can finally cross "update website" off your mountain of a to-do list.
  • Breathe easy and quit asking random people that aren't in your target audience to "look at your site" and give you feedback. Their "feedback" is why you keep switching things up constantly!
  • You'll be so much more confident with a fresh website that really shows off what you're best at

Let's Get Your Website

Updated & Renovated

*After you fill out this form, you’ll be contacted by our studio. We’ll nail down project dates and send your contract and invoice after confirming project details.

If you have questions before signing up for this service please contact us. 

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